Top 12 French Notebooks Introduction

Top 12 French Notebooks Introduction

One of the inevitable observations of the COVID-19 pandemic was using iPads, Chromebooks, Android, or other screens to complete our tasks. That said, the technology allowed an ideal online learning ambiance that wouldn’t have been possible back then. However, in contrast, excessive screen use has many harmful effects.

In such a situation, the role of notebooks has been crucial in balancing analog and digital learning. Use it to jot down the details of your everyday routine, manage your to-do list, or do anything you want! In that regard, the quality of the notebook is the prime aspect you need to focus on. A good french notebook possesses a good binding and a fair paperweight.

Notebooks come in various categories like lined, dotted, gridded, or blank sheets. A paperweight of 70gsm or greater is considered to be a thicker yet more durable one. For a clear and precise understanding of yours, we have in this article a list of the top 12 french notebooks that will aid you in diverting your shopping ideas into action.

1. Rhodia Classic Staple Bound Notebooks

Slim and smart Rhodia classic staplebound notebooks are pocket-friendly and easy to carry. There may be many options for a decent staple-bound memo and notebook, but the best is the Rhodia Classic Staplebound Notebooks.

This classic notebook has a waterproof and coated card cover from the exterior that comes at the cost of 80 pages. You will get to see a multitude of colors of black, white, and orange. Moreover, this elegant notebook is 6-inch-x-8.25-inches and gives an acid-free-pH-neutral paper. The violet grid lines on an exceptionally smooth satin-finished paper are a high choice for customers.

2. Clairefontaine A5 Classic Spiral Notebooks

Whether you are a student or a job person, the top-notch quality french notebooks are a perfect choice. Among a few top-rated notebooks, Clairefontaine A5 classic spiral notebook was placed as a runner-up. Comes in striking purple, electric blue, dark grey, or tangerine shade, it features 90gsm paper with remarkable resistance. On each of the 96 sheets, you will explore a lined or blank display.

More to its quality and durability, the French notebook is easily transportable with a canvas back, contributing to its flexibility and support. In addition, the cover is a laminated card, so you can wash it for a longer notebook life.

3. Rhodia Slim Staplebound Notebooks

If you are at a low price point, try the French notebook Rhodia Slim Staplebound. You will be getting only 48 sheets right off the bat, but none comes foremost than the quality. These notebooks range from graph to A5 lined sheets. You will be delighted to have one as the paper is extra white and gives a smooth satin finish. Also, this notebook, like other french notebooks, has a coated cum waterproof cover. This notebook comes in orange, white, and black colors.

4. Rhodia Classic Ice Staplebound Notepad

The Rhodia classic ice top staplebound notepad is rated among the top 12 french notebooks. Designed with a premium quality sleek white cover, it will ensure that your work notes will always be under protection. With 80 g paper with characteristic muted silver grids or lines, it has exceptionally smooth papers present. Each sheet of the notebook is stapled from the top and perforated, so you don’t need to bother while taking off the paper.

5. Clairefontaine Lined Staplebound Notebook

Clairefontaine back to basics 1951′ clothbound notebook is your ideal notebook with 96 pages. Their paper quality has resistance and remarkable opacity, 90gsm paper perfect for every pen to write on. You can have the French notebook in green, red, coral, blue, and black. It has an authentic look, thanks to the grain card and a canvas back that adds to its flexibility.

6. Clairefontaine Triomphe Gold Collection Notebook

Clairefontaine Triomphe tablet notebook, blank or lined, is amazing for someone who wants to note down letters. Each Clairefontaine french notebook measures 5-3/4″ x 8-1/4″, manufactured using veloute 90g writing paper. It has an exceptionally smooth finish paper (that still feels like a paper). Right off the bat, you may witness only white color and 50 pages per notebook. But, it is truly brilliant for writing.

7. French Vocabulary Notebook

French notebook is a very suitable vocabulary for both beginners and advanced language students. The act of writing words on paper will help students deepen their memory. Each page is divided into two columns so that new words can be placed in one column and translations in another. This is also very convenient for exam review.
This learning notebook series is suitable for students learning Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and other languages.

8. Rhodia Web Notebook

Also known worldwide as “Webbies,” the dotted Rhodia web notebook has an excellent exterior of an Italian synthetic leatherette cover. Each Rhodia french notebook comprises 96 sheets or 192 A6 size pages. Comes in catchy colors of orange or black, and you will face no difficulty in terms of durability or long-term use. Furthermore, this leatherette cover web notebook is a perfect choice for all fountain pens, accompanied by an elastic frontage, ribbon marker, and inner pocket.  

9. Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook

The company has reintroduced the iconic french notebook, Clairefontaine 1951. This time, the classic notepad is a staple-bound notebook with 48 sheets (96 pages) of lined paper. Each french notebook is 90g acid-free and pH neutral with a smooth satin finish. The grained paper cover and lined white paper are this notebook’s specialties that add to its vintage feel and look. The sheets are 5 3/4″ x 8 1/4″.

10. Clairefontaine Lined White Notebooks

This nicely done Clairefontaine Triomphe self-stealing envelopes notebook fits the A5 Clairefontaine stationery tablets. Each Triomphe self-seal lined envelopes french notebook is highly fountain-pen friendly and equipped with 25 envelopes of brilliant quality. Moreover, this notebook has extra security for the white lining with an opaque grey lining. Comes in a characteristic color of white, these french notebooks measure 4.5 inches x 6.4 inches (C6) and are made with 90gsm paper.

11. Rhodia Rhodiarama Softcover Notebook

The Rhodia Rhodiarama notebooks come in an exciting range of striking bright colors like anise, poppy, purple, and sapphire. So if you are fond of colors, you should check out these notebooks. Each notebook has 96 sheets, either blank or lined 90g ivory smooth vellum paper. It features elegant rounded edges at the expense of an elastic closure with a matching ribbon marker of your choice. The notebooks do not damage thanks easily to the hardback Italian leatherette cover.

12. Clairefontaine French Ruled Notebook

Available in blue, green, orange, purple, and pink, the classic Clairefontaine single staple binds the notebook to the top. It has unique sheets which are microperforated on top for easy and clean removal. The french notebooks come in the A7 size and measure up to 2-7/8″ x 4-1/8″. Its back cover is stiff for extra support, so you can also afford to bend it. Each notebook has 160 pages on 80 sheets of 90 g white graph paper.

Final Verdict

For some fine-quality french notebooks that will help you elevate your productivity, go for one with durability and an organized one.

Honeyoung notebook factory is among the top french notebooks for its excellent display and protection. The color-customized and selectable grid lines are basic services. Overall, I highly recommend this notebook manufacturer to anyone looking for a great quality option.

Honeyoung Notebook Factory In Canton Fair
Honeyoung Notebook Factory In Canton Fair

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Notebook Design Is The Best?

It relies on your needs whether you’re an artist, a note-taker, or a list-maker. Consider gridded (graph paper alike) if you have a passion for drawing or design. The lined notebook is a high choice for customers, with narrative-style entries and blank sheets for those who do not want any restrictions.

Different Notebook Designs
Different Notebook Designs

Is Notebook Powerweight Crucial?

Certainly, the consideration of paperweight while choosing any notebook is vital. First, it is to avoid ghosting or ink bleeding on the pages. One of the ways to determine this factor is to check out the notebook’s GSM (grams per square meter).

If you want to know more about the notebook page, please click Notebook Inner Page: The Ultimate FAQ Guide.

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