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Composition notebook is a kind of exercise notebook used for writing essay. Regular composition notebook covers are usually marble figure design. The inner pages are single strip with red margin. Composition notebook is popular in America and Africa, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Angola, Liberia, etc. Composition notebook is also one of the main products in our factory.


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Composition Notebook: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Table of Contents

1. What is composition notebook?

Composition notebook is a type of exercise notebook that mainly used for writing essay or dairy. Most of the composition notebooks is marbled cover design, single lined with red margin as the inner page. Composition notebook is very popular in the Americas and Africa, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Angola, Liberia and other countries. Composition notebook is also one of the main notebook products in our factory.

2. Common design of Composition notebook cover

The most common design for composition notebook is marble style, we can also customize different composition notebook cover according to customers’ needs, such as scenery, movie stars, cartoons, etc. We have our own design team, we can provide free design.

3. Users of Composition notebook

Composition notebook is mainly used by students as a writing book for dairy and essay, but that’s definitely not the only use. Writers, businessmen are also need these. You can often see composition notebooks in school and office.

4. Material for composition notebook cover

We can custom many kinds of covers for your composition notebooks, like coated paper or ivory board. Customers can choose freely according to their budget and needs.

5. Inner page material for composition notebook

Continuous writing requires higher grade paper. The paper use offset paper with high whiteness, common grammage of the paper are 55g, 60g, 70g.

Of course, to cater for more market, we can also make lower grammage paper like 50g.

6. Common sizes of composition notebook

Composition sizes are: A5, A4, 7.5″x 9.75″, This is the standard size composition book and our most popular.

7. Page number of composition notebook

Most of our customer prefer 100 page, then 200 page. If you would like to order others, we can custom as you require.

8. Unique design of composition notebook

The composition notebook contains class schedule, multiplication table, conversion table and grammar rules. We can record daily lessons and quickly find some commonly used teaching content in the notebook.

9. Binding methods of composition notebook

The binding method of the composition notebook is sewing binding, and a wrapping strip will be added to the side of the cover to wrap the exposed seaming, which can make the composition notebook more beautiful,this will also ensure that the lines are not easy to break.

Our composition notebook use wear-resistant thread and the binding is stronger to guarantee the quality.

10. Sample of composition notebook

We will make the samples according to the customer’s need. If the customer want to add their own design, we can make the sample according to the customer’s requirements, and the sample can be finished within three days, to ensure that the customer can receive the sample and confirm the order as soon as possible.

11. Delivery date of composition notebook

We own three sets of fully automatic notebook binding machine, our production capacity per day can reach 200000. And we have other smaller binding machine that can also support the production. With so many facilities, we can make sure your books always deliver on time.

12. Quality management of composition notebook

We have a professional quality inspection team, who will carefully check the production process of each composition notebook, from purchase of raw materials to packaging, we do our best ensure the quality of them.

13. Logistics for composition notebook

We have more than 20 years of experience in the production of composition notebook, with many cooperative freight forwarders, we can book containers for customers before the end of production, , customers can also book containers through their own freight forwarders.

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