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As one of the best notebook manufacturers in China, we provide leather notebook customization service. Leather notebook is a kind of book with leather covers. It uses PU leather or genuine leather as covers, very smooth and soft. 

Considering the cost of making notebooks, PU leather is now the most popular cover material in notebook industry. And it has more colors than genuine leather.


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Production Process
1.Raw Material
2. Printing
3. Adding Covers
4. Stapling
5. Folding
6. Cutting
7. Stacking
8. Shrinking
9. Packaging
10. Putting on the Tray
11. Warehouse

Leather Notebook: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Table of Contents

1. What materials are commonly used on leather notebook?

We usually categorize the materials of leather notebook into two kinds: PU leather and genuine leather.

Genuine Leather: Cowhide cover, goatskin cover, crocodile cover, ostrich skin cover, etc.

Faux Leather: microfiber, faux leather, PU, PVC leather, etc. The microfiber has superb softness, tenacity and durability. Faux leather is a human made leather mixed with a little genuine leather, it ‘s very durable. PU and PVC are different in craftsmanship. And PU is softer and more durable than the PVC.

From the perspective of touch, genuine leather proves to be the best, the touch of faux leather is no where near it. But the price of genuine leather is much higher. From the perspective of budget and material cost, Faux leather is now the most popular leather material, and it has a feature that genuine leather don’t give: Many options in color and pattern.

2. Users of leather notebook

Leather is an all-rounder product, it has many styles: business, retro, luxury, it is favored by office workers and businessmen. There are also many students choose leather notebook.

3. Regular sizes and pages of leather notebook

Sizes: A4 and B5 are the choices by most customers, if you need other options, we can also make A5, A6 and B6.

Pages: most of the customers choose 100 or 200 pages. We can also custom the pages according to customers’ requirements, such as 50, 80 or 300 pages.

4. Paper of leather notebook

Leather notebooks are usually higher grade notebook, we suggest customers to choose fine inner pages of brighter paper with higher grammage, let’s say, 70 G or 80G are superb choices.

5. How to choose a qualified leather notebook manufacturer

Chinese suppliers with over 10 years of experience are more likely to provide stable delivery time, lower price and after sales service. If you are looking for a qualified notebook manufacturer, please choose carefully among experienced suppliers.

As the largest production base in the world, China has grown its own industrial place, most of them are in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province.

Honeyoung Book factory sits in Hefei city (near Shanghai), here we have quick express, sufficient labor force, that’s why we can provide fine notebooks for our customers.

6. Purchase cost of leather notebook

Different quantity comes with different price. The more you order, the lower the price.

Larger suppliers, especially those with decades of experience, have many advantages. Working with them, you are more likely to get lower price.

The price could be raised during peak seasons, if you have arrange your order in advance, like ordering books before the peak season, you’ll get relatively lower price.

7. Payment method for leather notebook orders

We support a variety of payment methods, such as T/T、L/C, etc.

8. Where our product goes

Our notebooks sell well all over the world, we work with many customers, we know what they need, often they like our precise recommendations. With our experience, Honeyoung always know what you are looking for.

9. Better service

Since we started business in 1998, our reputation always the best in the field. We are responsible for our products and offer after sales service for customers.

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Julia Lee

I'm Julia, the CEO of Honeyoung. I run a company with over 300 people, we design, produce, sell and export notebooks. I have been working in notebook manufacturing and business for over 30 years, our customers are from all over the world.


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