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Hardcover notebook refers to those notebooks with hard covers. Different from softcover notebook, it use gray board covered with printed coated paper as cover.Bind the inner pages by sewing binding.Then glue the inner pages with the cover.That’s how a hardcover notebook is made.The gray board thickness have many options, the most regular are 1.8mm and 2mm.

Any part of the notebook can be customized.


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Hard Cover Notebook: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Table of Contents

1. What is hard cover notebook?

Hard cover notebook mainly refers to a type of notebook with a hard cover material. As opposed to soft cover notebook, the production process is mainly mounted on the gray board with printed coated paper as the cover, and the printed inner paper is stitched together as the inner core, and then glue the two together. The thickness of gray board is mainly 1.8mm,2mm, etc. The inner page printing is the same as the soft cover notebook. On cover and inner paper price, you can optionally add a printed or blank title page.

2. Hard cover notebook users

Hard cover notebook has wide application, because of its better quality compared to soft cover notebook, comfortable writing, beautifully made, it used by many students and teachers, Many business used it as office notes, it can also be used as a gift, a hard cover notebook with exquisite packaging is very popular.

3. Common sizes and page numbers of hard cover notebook

Similar with soft cover notebook, the hard cover notebook commonly used A4,B5,A5,B6,A6 and other sizes. The small size of B6 and A6 is easy to carry and is often used for note taking. B5, A5 medium size is generally used for office notes or gifts to friends, A4 and other large size is often used for students to take notes, one notebook for each subject, basically enough for a semester.

Hard cover notebook page number: 80, 96, 100, 120, 144, 160, 200 and other pages, suitable for different scenes.

4. Advantages of hard cover notebook

Hard cover notebook is better than soft cover notebook in overall production and technology. First of all, in raw materials, hard cover notebook’s inner core is generally used in high whiteness, high grammage offset paper, which greatly improves the writing fluency and comfort. The cover is generally covered with film, which is waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-scratch. In the production process, the cover is generally coated with coated paper or PU leather, can support different printing processes such as bronzing, making the hard cover notebook more exquisite, while not easy to be damaged in storage, to ensure the smoothness of the inner page. Hard cover notebook’s inner core production is generally a locking line + glue binding, making the inner core binding more firm.

Generally speaking, hard cover notebook has the advantages of exquisite, smooth and comfortable writing, firm and easy storage.

5. Factors affecting the cost of hard cover notebook

5.1 Materials

The size of the notebook, page number, cover material, grammage and quality will directly affect the cost of hard cover notebook. Different materials have different cost, we are mostly recommend you to choose them according to your budgets, if you don’t know how, we can make recommendation for you.

5.2 Printing technology

Complicated printing method will raise the cost , like gilding logo, the cost is much higher than ordinary CMYK printing.

5.3 Production line

More production lines means more capacity, and mechanization will reduce the human labor cost. If you choose a factory with more automatic production lines, you are very likely to get a lower price.

5.4 Purchase quantity

Customers always ask us why we can’t reduce the MOQ. As a notebook factory, Honeyoung share the copyright fee, machine depreciation fee in each book, and there are many other cost, if we have many books to produce, the average cost will be largely reduced.

There’s no more words can explain this clearly, only to see it for yourself. We have real factory, some of our clients visited our production lines and quickly choose us.

5.5 Packaging method

Standard packaging: shrinking bag + carton. If you need individual package, then the cost will be increased. Framed OPP bag will cost extra.

5.6 Shipping cost

Including the shipping cost of raw materials and finished product. The farther the distance, the higher the cost. When choosing notebook factory, factories near the material base with fast logistics will save you lots of cost.

6. Why us?

Honeyoung enterprise was founded in 1998, we have earned experiences in product design, production procedure, quality control and product delivery. Our professional service can save you cost. We have full team of professionists in different field, who can help you in every single stage. We have integrated production lines, no need to worry about late delivery. From printing to packaging, we’ll control every step and make them perfect.

Our production base is located in Hefei (near Shanghai city), which can save lots of delivery cost.

7. Binding methods of hard cover notebook

Hard cover notebook can be divided into locking line hard cover notebook and coil hard copy from the binding way. Lock line hard copy in binding using lock line + binding combination, which is a good guarantee between inner cores, between the inner core and the cover of the binding firmness.

8. The cover of hard cover notebook

Nearly all kinds of notebook cover can be used on hard cover notebook, like CMYK+coated film, silk-screen printing, gilding printing, laser printing.

9. How to lower the purchase cost of hard cover notebook?

We’ve mentioned factors about notebook cost, so how to reduce the procurement cost, let’s find out.

In terms of size, page number, grammage, different markets have corresponding requirements, so it is difficult to analyse them all. However, we can give full analysis in purchasing quantity, purchasing season and factory selection.

First, in terms of purchase quantity, increasing the purchase quantity as much as possible will enable you to obtain a more advantageous price.

Next, purchasing time, better choose off-season. Production industry has off season and peak season, generally speaking,when factories are busy, the price will be higher. But in off-season, many factories will choose to reduce or even give up profits. So, placing orders in off-seasons, you will get a surprising price.

Finally, in factory selection, look for big manufacturers especially with more than 10 years of production experience, because they have a lot of advantages, you will get a lower hard cover notebook purchase price.

10. Better service

Since Honeyoung founded in 1998, what we always insist is preciseness, professional, reputation. From design to production, we’ll control every step of the process. Our aim is to offer the best product for our customers.

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