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The French notebook is mainly used for writing French, it’s used in schools, offices and other occasions. Compared with regular exercise book, the biggest feature of the French notebook is that the inside lines are French ruled.
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French Notebook: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

1. Countries using French notebooks

The French notebook is mainly used in countries and regions where French is the official language or the common language. Currently, French notebooks are used in more than 40 countries and regions in the world, including France, Belgium, Monaco, Cote d ‘Ivoire, Chad, Togo, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Senegal, Congo, Madagascar, etc.

2.What kind of material are commonly used on notebook covers?

For French notebook, you can choose coated paper, ivory board, gray board with white back, gray board with gray back, PP paper, etc.

For coated paper, we have 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g, 110g, 128g, 157g, 180g, 200g, etc. 128g and 157g are the most commonly used French notebooks.

For ivory board, we have 190g,210g,230g,250g,300g,350g, etc. 190g, 210g and 250g are the most commonly used in French notebooks.

For gray board with white back and gray board with gray back, we have 250g, 300g, 350g, etc.

PP is a type of plastic cover, it’s also used in French notebook commonly. PP covers are mostly used in higher grade French notebooks.

3.What kind of inner page commonly used in French notebook? What’s the difference?

Inner pages: Offset paper, recycle paper and writing paper. Offset paper has the highest whiteness and smoothness, usually 55g, 60g, 65g, 70g, 75g, 80g, etc. Recycle paper and writing paper have less whiteness, and cheaper than offset paper, usually 45g, 50g, 55g, 60g, 65g, 70g, 75g, 80g, etc. The higher the grammage, the higher the thickness. Wholesalers should choose the inner page according to different market requirements, or you can seek advice from professional notebook suppliers.

4.Common sizes of French notebook

A5,A4,17x22cm, 16.5×21.5cm, 16x21cm, etc. A5,A4,17x22cm, 16.5×21.5cm, 16x21cm notebooks are commonly used in European countries, while African countries using A4,17x22cm, 16.5×21.5cm, 16x21cm notebooks.

5.Page numbers of French notebook

Generally, notebook pages are 16,48,50,96,100,192,200,300,400 pages. French notebook can also be customized according to customer requirements. 96,100,192,200 pages are mostly used in French notebook, because they are suitable for students.

6. Common binding methods of French notebook

Staple binding, glue binding, sewing binding, spiral binding, etc. Staple binding French notebook is the best selling product. Staple binding is high efficiency and ow cost, it’s becoming a great option for notebook wholesalers.

7. Cover design of French notebook

The style of French notebook covers are various, such as stars, architecture, animals, scenic spot, cars, flowers, etc. Every man has his hobbyhorse, so a boy might choose a notebook with football stars cover, girls like flowers. We recommend to purchase every kind of them to suit everyone’s taste as far as possible. Mixed loading is available, if you would like to purchase various styles of notebooks, we can do that for you.

Moreover, we accept pattern customization, we can print logos and pictures according to customer requirements.

8. Where are French notebook manufacturers located?

Notebook manufacturers from China, especially those with over 10 years experience, can provide low purchase cost, fast delivery, long warranty and better quality. They are the best choice for you.

9. How to lower the cost?

Different quantities correspond to different prices, the more you order, the lower the unit price.

Find larger factory, they have many advantages that small enterprises don’t have. Cooperating with large manufacturer, you can get a lower quotation.

In different time, the price will be different. For example, if someone order notebooks in peak season, the price will be raised. So, placing orders before the peak season can get you a lower quotation.

10. How we confirm the delivery date?

Credible French notebook manufacturer will tell you the estimated delivery date. Generally speaking, the delivery time is about 15-30 days after receiving the deposit, or it could be varied for purchase quantity. We can also ship the goods in batches according to customer’s requirements.

11. How to get the sample?

If the sample book is available, we can deliver to you at once. If not, it takes about 3-5 days to make the sample.

You can choose the delivery service like DHL, Fedex, UPS, once we get the sample, we’ll ship it to your doorstep.

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