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Spiral notebook is a kind of notebook binding with spiral coils, it can be divided to single spiral and double spiral. Spiral notebook is widely used in office, school and many other occasions.

Its easy use are liked by all people and all ages. Spiral notebooks are selling good in all countries.


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Spiral Notebook: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Table of Contents

What is spiral notebook?

Spiral notebook is a type of notebook bound with coils, single spiral and double spiral are the most common. The spiral notebook is mainly used in school and office, it’s widely used in many occasions. It’s a popular product for all ages and selling well in the globe.

1. Users and Using occasions of spiral notebook

Spiral notebook is universal, office workers, teachers, students of all ages like it so much. Spiral notebook is generally used in office, school and conference, etc. As a professional notebook manufacturer, Honeyoung Book can custom the spiral notebook according to your requirements.

2. Common sizes and page number of spiral notebook

The common sizes of spiral notebooks are A4,A5,A6,B4,B5, etc, we can also customize the spiral notebook according to customer’s need.

The common numbers of page are 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200,etc. Usually, thick pages are suitable for office use, thin pages are suitable for travel and other occasions.

3. What the spiral notebook can be used for?

The spiral notebook was originally named for the special way it was bound. The spiral notebook has many purpose, it can be used as diary book , memo pad, sketch book, drawing book and exercise book, etc.

4. Styles of spiral notebook

Spiral notebook present many styles through different types of material. Like PP cover, it presents a sense of fashion. Like paper cover, it presents nostalgic style. T his part also, can be customized based on your requirements, from materials to patterns.

5. Advantages of spiral notebook

Every single part of spiral notebook can be customized, because of its special binding method, the inner paper of the spiral notebook can be tear off from it, making it easier to carry.

6. How we calculate the cost of a spiral notebook?

Inner page: number of pages, quality, and grammage will affects the price of the spiral notebook. The more the page, the higher the price. The higher the grammage, the higher the price.

Cover: Paper cover and PP cover. Their price are different, customers can choose them based on budget.

Spiral coils: We have single spiral and double spiral, both of them can choose metal or plastic material, metal is more expensive and plastic is cheaper.

Purchase quantity: Generally, if you buy in larger quantity, you ‘ll get lower average price, because the copy fee and wastage can be easily shared by the quantity. If you want UV coating or gold stamping on your notebooks, the cost will be raised accordingly.

7. What quality should a good spiral notebook manufacturer possess?

A qualified supplier of notebook should be strict in quality control management and production process. Additionally, they need a full professional team to support them from design to after sale. Of course there are many more to cover, like production, packaging and logistics.

A good spiral notebook manufacturer have stable and complete supply chain to make sure your purchase cost can stay in low range.

But most of all, the supplier should have fine reputation and service, choose big manufacturer with longer history, they are more likely to have a good fame.

8. Payment methods for spiral notebook

We generally support the following terms of payment:

T/T: Telegraphic Transfer is the most common payment method in international trade. Usually, the buyer pay about 30% of the deposit to the notebook manufacturer, and the rest will be paid after the notebook manufacturer delivers the goods.

L/C: Letter of Credit The notebook manufacturer will submit all kinds of documents to the bank, and the bank designated by the buyer will arrange payment.

Western Union: Usually for small remittances to notebook manufacturers.

Paypal: It’s also a common way to make payments to notebook manufacturers.

Cash: Notebook manufacturers accept cash to better support buyers’ needs.

Besides, there are other payment methods, such as D/P, D/A and so on.

9. Which countries do we sell to

Our products are exported to Europe, United States, the Middle East, Africa and other countries , we understand each country, organizations and buyers’ preference. We can make more accurate recommendations and better understand your needs.

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