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Softcover notebook is a type of notebook covered by softer veneer paper, the inner pages are usually printed with single lines. Offset paper, kraft paper, coated paper, ivory board, gray board with white back and gray board with gray back, etc. For binding methods, we have staple binding, sewing binding and glue binding.

Compared to hard cover notebook, the soft cover notebook is thinner and cheaper. It’s easy to carry, so it’s popular around the world.


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Soft Cover Notebook: The Ultimate Buying guide

Table of Contents

What is softcover notebook?

Softcover notebook is a notebook covered with softer envelope, the inner page with lines are suitable for writing. Contrary to hard cover notebook ,the soft cover notebook is just another kind. The cover of it is usually made of offset paper, Kraft paper, coated paper,gray board with white back, gray board with gray back and ivory board,etc. As for the binding methods, soft cover notebooks can use staple binding, sewing binding and glue binding.

Soft cover notebook is thinner, but more portable, it sells well in global market.

1. Soft cover notebooks is all-purpose product

Soft cover notebook is simple style and easy to carry. It’s a cheaper notebook for everyone. In daily life, it is often seen in the study and office.

2. Regular sizes of soft cover notebook

There are many sizes for soft cover notebook, we can custom any size for our customers.

They usually choose staple binding or spiral binding, coated paper or ivory board as cover, offset paper or writing paper as inner page.

3. How to make soft cover notebook

3.1 Material of cover

The cover of soft cover notebook is softer than other kinds, and many of material are soft enough to be the cover. Regular kinds are: offset paper, kraft paper, coated paper, ivory board, gray board with white back, gray board with gray back. Softer plastic could also be the cover of soft cover notebook.

3.2 Inner page of soft cover notebook

Writing paper and offset paper. Offset paper is better than writing paper. Paper of the same kind could still varied in grammage and thickness. Even if the paper are of the same grammage, the quality could be different. Regular grammage of inner page are: 45g, 50g, 55g, 60g, 70g, 80g.

As a notebook manufacturer, Honeyoung Book can custom according to customers’ requirement.

3.3 Types of inner printing

French ruled, single line, double line and square.

In most French speaking countries, their inner pages are french ruled. In English speaking countries or other countries, thier inner pages are often single lined.

3.4 Size of the paper

The size of the soft cover notebook can be customized according to buyers’ requirements.

If we categorize them by region, Buyers in African tend to 16*21cm、16*22cm、16.5*21.5cm、17*22cm、18*24cm、A4 and A5. Buyers in Middle East tend to 16*22cm和17*24cm.

3.5 Number of pages

Soft cover notebook have many page number, if pages are thick, over 200 pages, choose glue binding. We choose glue binding to make 288 pages notebook.

Staple binding and sewing binding: mostly used on books under 200 pages, like, 24,32,48, 96 and 192 pages.

Spiral binding: No limit. Regular pages are 120, 140 and 288 pages.

4. Advantages of soft cover notebook

Soft cover notebook is easy to make, it’s lighter and portable. As an economical product, it’s suitable for all. There are huge demands for soft cover notebook in the market.

5. Binding methods of soft cover notebook

There are many types of covers that can be applied on soft cover notebook, so do the binding methods. The commonly used are staple binding, sewing binding, glue binding and spiral binding. Staple binding is the cheapest and most commonly used.

6. Factors influencing the cost of soft cover notebook

From the product itself, the size, pages, cover material, inner page grammage and quality will obviously affect the cost.

From the quantity itself, the more you buy, the lower the average cost.

When it comes to shipping fee, different harbor charge different price. The more you ship, the higher the price. But the unit cost will reduce.

7. How to choose soft cover notebook manufacturer

Date of establishment: it’d be better if you choose an experienced company with over 10 years. For those experienced manufacturer, they have perfect production system and management. They have competitive price, good quality and stable delivery time.

Address: if you find a supplier located in an office building, they are very likely to be a small trading company with no factory. That’s not reliable.

8. Payment methods

Currently, we accept telegraphic transfer and letter of credit.

9. How to pack your books?

Generally, we use OPP bag or shrinking package, several books a pack and several packs a carton. In order to make the package more secure, the workers will tie the outer carton with packaging straps.

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