Top 10 Pocket-Size Notebooks In 2024

Top 10 Pocket-Size Notebooks in 2024

Pocket-size notebooks must be a daily necessity in your backpack. It can be tucked away in your backpack or in your shirt pocket. When you need to write down someone’s cell phone number or jot down the details of an event, a pocket-size notebook will be your most helpful assistant.

In this article, we are mainly here to show you the 10 pocket-size notebooks that are most likely to sell well in 2024. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Our top 10 recommendations for Pocket-Size Notebooks

Every stationery brand has its own product series of pocket-size notebooks. However, it is not common to find brands that make good pocket-size notebooks. This is because pocket-size notebooks require more refined details and functionality. Here’s our list of some of the 10 most promising pocket-size notebooks.

1. Apica A7 Notebooks

Ideal for journaling and organizing, the Apica A7 Notebooks showcase whimsical designs, quality stock, and timeless stitch fastening. The delightfully patterned hardbacks are constructed from sturdy cardboard, and the acid-free sheets guarantee your musings will endure for years. Within this collection are four logs with ruled pages and vibrant jackets. Every manual contains 72 leaves (36 folios).

Page number: 72Classical cover designbundled packaging is not available
Size: A7Remarkable details
Price: $7.50Moderately priced
Binding Method: glue binding

2. Midori MD Notebooks

The A6 Midori MD Pocket-Size Notebook is the ideal pocket journal for jotting down spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Its tactile Midori Diary paper welcomes fountain pens, fast-drying gel pens, pencils, and more without feathering or bleeding through. Carefully crafted with writers in mind, the MD paper allows inks to dry rapidly, so your profound reflections won’t smudge. The notebook’s lay-flat stitched binding makes writing comfortable, while its generous 88-sheet capacity gives your imaginative ideas room to flow.

Page number: 88Youthful style and designMight be large for small pockets
Size: A7Extra cardboard cover
Price: $12.50Ink-bleed-resistant paper
Binding Method: glue binding

3. Honeyoung pocket-size notebook

A notebook manufacturer from China may shock you: they make really good products. Best of all, they can customize the pocket-size notebook for you, which is one of the very important options for many buyers. If you didn’t find the kind of product you wanted in this list, then customized pocket-size notebooks will be your best option.

Page number: customizedFully customizableNot suitable for small quantity orders
Size: A7, A6Lower unit prices for larger quantities
Price: Determined by materials and order quantityPackaging options are available
Binding Method: glue binding, spiral binding, string binding

4. Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Notebooks

The A6 Leuchtturm 1917 Softcover Pocket-Size Notebook makes organization a breeze with its fountain pen-friendly paper and clever indexing system. Ten seconds is all most ink needs to dry on this paper, letting you update plans without smudging a thing. Numbered pages and a handy index help you reference important entries later, while the dual bookmarks let you flip between current and future dates in a snap. An expandable pocket tucked discreetly inside the back cover provides space for loose receipts and business cards. Choose dot grid, lined, blank, or graph paper based on your preferred notebook’s inner pages.

Page number: 121Multiple options for cover and sizeThe binding is not held up very well
Size: A5, A6Business Style
Price: $16.5080 gsm acid-free, “ink-proof” paper
Binding Method: glue binding

5. A.G. Spalding & Bros Notebooks

Don’t overlook these little-known but super-worthy pocket-size notebooks from A.G. Spalding & Bros. Channeling the vintage vibe of the American pastime, these journals feature meticulous craftsmanship from their stitched spines to their fountain-pen-friendly cream pages. This sublime paper not only eases eyestrain with its warm tone but also dries freshly-inked writing in a lightning-quick 10 seconds without bleeding colors. And living up to the “pocket” name, these notebooks shave off half an inch for a truly portable profile that tucks neatly into any jacket or purse.

As a bonus, their shortened silhouette makes them perfect passport-sized Traveler’s Notebook inserts, easily slipping into leather covers to mix and match your journaling system. For an old-school notebook that outperforms the competition yet flies under the radar, this baseball-inspired brand hits it out of the park.

Page number: 130Excellent “taburo” paperLimited style and color
Size: A5, B6Flexible cardboard cover
Price: $16.50Twin-ring binding
Binding Method: Spiral binding

6. Field Notes Expedition Memo Books

If you find yourself working under the open sky or residing in a region where rainfall is a frequent companion, the Field Notes Expedition Pocket-Size Notebooks might just be the unsung heroes of your note-taking endeavors. Crafted from a practically invincible material known as Yupo Synthetic paper, these notebooks stand resilient against water and wear. Toss them in your pocket effortlessly, and with each purchase, you get a trio of these stalwart companions.

Page number: 48Acid-free paperHigher price
Size: 3.5″ x 5.5″Durable cover
Price: $14.95Manufactured and printed in the USA
Binding Method: Staple Binding

7. Muji Passport Memo

The Muji Passport Memo demonstrates that you don’t need to spend a lot on a quality pocket-size notebook. Its cream-colored pages are sleek and smooth, with minimal bleeding (unless you utilize permanent markers) and minimal ghosting. The stitching is sturdy—the little notebook endured multiple folding, unfolding, and bending tests—and the thick, coated cardboard cover resisted water spills. The 48 pages supply just sufficient space to chronicle a trip, a reading journal, an assignment, or some other use without making you feel like you wasted paper if you don’t fill every sheet.

Page number: 48Lower pricefewer page numbers
Size: 4.9″ X 3.5″Silky smooth writing
Price: $14.95
Binding Method: Sewing Binding

8. Field Notes Reporter’s Notebook

The Field Notes Front Page Reporter’s Notepad has bright white paper with a classic matte texture—great for those who enjoy writing in a notebook, offering ample tactile feedback. The spiral binding and thicker paper (70 pounds/105 gsm—the thickest of the notebook sheets tested) make turning pages much less bothersome than other reporter pads. The overlapping cardstock cover prevents the double spirals from snagging or bending in your pocket or bag. The pouch on the back cover, although open on one side, can work as a handy place to stash any scraps until you return to your office.

  • Page number: 70
  • Size: 8.25″L x 3.75″W x 0.25″Th
  • Price: $14.95
  • Binding Method: Spiral Binding

9. Maruman Mnemosyne N166 Steno Pad

The Maruman Mnemosyne N166 Steno Pad featured the highest-quality paper of all steno notepads evaluated. As with other Maruman Mnemosyne notepads considered, the paper is smooth and thick yet slightly see-through—remotely reminiscent of vellum. In our tests, inky pens (rollerball, gel, and fountain pens) coasted nicely across these pages, and they provide adequate texture for comfortable writing with pencils or ballpoint pens. Compared to other note pads, the N166 established itself as the most refined in design and construction—though, to be fair, not many notebook producers still manufacture steno pads presently.

Page number: 70The quality double spiral binding methodthe back cover is not sturdy
Size: 8.66 x 5.83Minimal ink bleed-through
Price: $11ultra-smooth writing
Binding Method: Spiral Binding

10. Rhodia No. 19 Yellow Pad

The Rhodia No. 19 Yellow Pad features silky smooth, creamy yellow paper with faint blue lines and a thin, double red margin—a major upgrade from the standard, cheap-feeling, less-attractive legal pads that may come to mind when considering the category. It accepts all kinds of ink exceptionally well, especially rollerball and fountain pens, and despite its thinness, the paper reveals minimal ghosting or ink visibility on the reverse. Dissimilar to paper on rival legal pads, such as the Mintra Office Legal Pad, sheets detach cleanly from the Rhodia notepad. It sports an iconic orange cover too, which is uncommon among legal pads.

Page number: 8080 g Superfine Vellum yellow paperlittle expensive
Size: A4+Hard Cardboard back cover
Price: $15.90
Binding Method: Staple Binding

Common Pocket notebook sizes

Pocket notebooks come in various sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. While specific dimensions may vary between brands, here are some common size categories for pocket notebooks:

1. Card book size

Card Book Size
Card Book Size

Cardbook notepads are among the most compact notebook dimensions available. They measure 55 × 90 mm (2.16 × 3.54 in)—ideal for pockets, pen cases, and handbags. These pocket-sized notepads offer maximum portability. They’re handy for jotting quick notes to transfer later into larger journals. You can utilize card books for swift lists or basic memos. Their ultra-compact form empowers on-the-go note-capturing.

2. B7 (Passport) size

B7 (Passport) Size
B7 (Passport) Size

This is the general size of a passport. Simulating a standard passport’s proportions, the passport notebook measures 90 x 125 mm (3.54 x 4.92 inches). It accompanies you as a constant companion for journaling, planning, and travel reflections, capturing inspiration in a portable form. Its passport size empowers documenting journeys, experiences, and dreams wherever they take you.

3. Pocket notebook size

Pocket Notebook Size
Pocket Notebook Size

The adaptable pocket notepad, approximately flashcard-sized at 90 x 140 mm (3.5 x 5.5 inches), suits daily tasks and creative sparks, making it optimal for all, including children beginning their organization ventures. Its non-standard proportions nestle perfectly into customized holders.

This handy notebook dimension works ideally for jotting down daily to-do lists or swift sketches. Although too large for a shirt pocket, it slides seamlessly into pants or jacket pockets. Its convenient compactness empowers capturing insights wherever inspiration strikes.

If you want to learn more about notebook size, you can click here: Notebook Sizes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide.

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Top 10 Pocket-Size Notebooks In 2024

Top 10 Pocket-Size Notebooks in 2024

Pocket-size notebooks must be a daily necessity in your backpack. It can be tucked away in your backpack or in your shirt pocket. When you need to write down someone’s cell phone number or jot down the details of an event, a pocket-size notebook will be your most helpful assistant. In this article, we are

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