A6 Notebook The Most Comprehensive Guide

A6 Notebook: The Most Comprehensive Guide

Keeping a notebook is beyond merely keeping a practical tool. Notebooks can be a reference for happiness and a desirable tool that transforms a simple, day-to-day task of jotting down notes, scheduling tasks, and brainstorming into a fabulous adventure.

Most times, flamboyant pens decorated with gold beaks and multicolored, shining inks seem to steal the whole show. However, paper is still the basis for assembling your creative exercise. It has to include your task patterns, domain, and tools. The more reason why, much like the different lengths and forms of pens, the paper also arrives in multiple sizes.

From minor to spacious, discovering the perfect size of your notebook is the primary step in getting the correct notebook for you. Is the A6 notebook worth it? Well, let’s find out. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the A6 notebook in this article.

Books And Colored Pens
Books And Colored Pens

1. What is the size of an A6 notebook

A6 Notebook Size
A6 Notebook Size

The size of the A6 journal in millimeters is 105 mm × 148 mm.

The size in inches is 4.13 x 5.83 inches.

The A6 notebook is wonderful for taking notes, keeping a diary, producing and drawing, working from home, and letting you record more information. Due to the size and quantity of pages, it is also ideal as a thoughtful present for friends, family, kids, classmates, co-workers, and employers.

If you want to know other notebook sizes, please click here: Notebook Sizes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide.

2. Different kinds of A6 notebook product recommendation

2.1 A6 binder notebook

The A6 Binder notebook is manufactured from paper and plastic material. The cover material is paper and cardboard. It comes in colors like off-white etc.


  • A6 paper kit
  • Three packs of 45 sheets (90 pages) of A6 loose-leaf paper are included in the A6 paper kit. There is a single plastic pocket and a three-card holder for your professional cards. Use this versatile one-piece clear plastic divider with the choice of private scheduler add-ons.
  • Multipurpose refill paper
  • You may use this paper to refill your 6-ring binder, spiral notepad, or planner. This is the perfect place to leave a note, record a whole account, include relevant material, etc.
  • Flexible leaf bags and binder divisions
  • Three-card holder made of sturdy, see-through plastic; perfect for storing business cards, IDs, seals, invoices, and more. Five colored cardboard tab separators—orange, blue, yellow, pink, and green. A clear plastic partition may also serve as a writing surface for electronic note-taking.
  • Tinted record tabs with rulers
  • Each stack has eight sets of tabs in a single-piece transparent plastic 12cm ruler, with four sets arranged in a rectangular pattern and four in an arrow shape.

2.2 A6 blank notebook

  • Features:
  • Plainness cover layout
  • Vacant retro kraft sheet, you are free to DIY your personalized cover the way you want it.
  • Adaptable Wordpad
  • It can be used as a travel journal, day-to-day diary, scheduler, college or workplace supplies, sketching, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Purchase in bulk numbers at an affordable cost.
  • Excellent material
  • Kraft brown sheet smooth cover, all-timber pulp Dowling sheet inside pages.
  • Zero ink bleeds through.

2.3 A6 dotted notebook

This notebook is excellent for journaling, jotting ideas, scheduling, creative composition, poem work, job records, research notes, sketchbooks, etc. The material category is ‎paper, and the page finish is ultra-soft.


  • Huge value for cash
  • 12-stack big blank notebooks set. Beautiful and accessible at a competitive and cheap cost.
  • Paper per book
  • Thirty paper/60 pages (estimating both sides) of off-white/cream-shaded plain sheet, offering you a nice writing adventure.
  • Ideal size and multipurpose
  • 8.5×11 inches in size.
  • Simple for handwriting and carrying in your pocket
  • An excellent option for business and seminars.
  • Premium quality material
  • Vacant cream off-white sheet, heavy paper staves off the ink from bleeding through the papers.
  • Acceptable for the majority of pen types.
  • The solid binding of each vacant sketchbook notebook maintains these sheets together.
  • Preserve your eyesight
  • The cream page is easy on the eyes and curbs viewing pressure.

2.4 A6 grid notebook

A6 grid notebook is a 6 pcs A6 graph sheet clear hardcover spiral notebook planner. The size is  5.7 x 4.1 inches. Page is 160 with 80 Sheets. The paper is a heavy one (Grid 6 Pcs). Has a smooth paper finish.


  • Cover
  • Crystallize flexible transparent frosting hardcover, water-resistant.
  • Sheet
  • Crystallized sheet, can jot down on both sides, no inking to another angle.
  • Purpose
  • Its broadly used by men, women, and children for research, editorials, office, assignment, trips, etc.

2.5 A6 hardcover notebook

The A6 hardcover notebook is portable and so can be kept in your pockets. It is ideal for jotting notes, arranging your daily schedule, etc. Hard Cover Composition Notebook: Some Brief Introduction


  • Feela 6-pack school-ruled black notebooks contain 6 college-ruled thick cover notebooks and 6 black retractable pens.
  • Contains a waterproof faux leather cover, round junctions, and bookmarks built to spread and open flat.
  • Every one of the notebooks estimates 3.5″ x 5.5″, which is ideal for carrying.
  • These cute black pens are built to be positioned in the pen holder, which is pretty favorable.
  • These school-ruled notebooks are all vacant inside, with 112 lined pages (56 sheets), which would be suitable for day-to-day use.
  • Contains a date/page section at the top of each sheet. You can utilize it as a reminder to help you recall those significant dates and locate the page you need in a very brief period.
  • Premium value products and rapid response service.

2.6 A6 leather notebook

Perfect gift for students, family, colleagues, etc. An excellent option for birthdays, anniversaries, and journeys.


  • Contains 100gsm archival-quality paper manufactured from acid-free sheets which withstand destruction from light and air.
  • Constructed to prevent ink from dripping through & feathering. It is favorable for most pen categories.
  • Each notebook arrives with 40 sheets of striped paper and 40 sheets of vacant paper.
  • The binder is pure steel that cannot easily rust and is strong and simple to withdraw and move to other pages.
  • Has a leather clasp to hold the notebook secured.
  • Attached are leather pen clips that can clasp the pen firmly, rapidly, and effortlessly.

2.7 A6 spiral notebook

Ideal size to keep in your purse or pocket. It contains 80 sheets/160 pages, and the line spacing is 8mm. An outstanding option for a back-to-school. Wide Ruled Spiral Notebook: Some Brief Introduction


  • Durable form
  • The black double-cord binding makes the wire-bound journal more solid and maintains the pages together properly. The reinforced cover is heavier and more durable than comparable notebooks on the market.
  • Distinct design
  • The notebook can be creased freely without folding ruffles. It is simple to rip and curb spiral hitches.
  • Adaptable Wordpad
  • Utilized as a tour journal, day-to-day journal, scheduler, college or workplace inventories, sketching, graffiti, etc.
  • Excellent material
  • Impressive hardcover, all-timber Dowling sheet inside pages (zero ink bleeds through).

2.8 A6 planner notebook

This is an A6 notebook with a dot-line grid and a blank sheet of paper with 80 sheets (160 pages), a 100 GSM strength, and free bonuses. The A6 Planner Insert Kit includes a paper lead for a 6-ring binder.


  • The material type is Paper, and polyvinyl chloride.
  • The multicolored PP divider is special, waterproof & crack-resistant.
  • The 200 pcs inventory stickers function nicely with the PP divider on the binder arrangement.
  • Has a nice adhesive, easy to glue or remove without damaging the paper.
  • Contains 6-hole refill paper made of 100 GSM-authorized pages, thick and sharp writing.
  • Four layouts of two-sided printed paper sets fulfill most essential writing necessities. Its creamy tint helps to save your optics.
  • The grid squares are 5x5mm, and the ruled lines’ spacing is about 7.5mm.
  • The flexible-layer PVC zipper pocket is a nice collector & keeper for small accessories, checks, money, coins, etc.
  • The transparent pp today ruler can be utilized as a bookmark or proportion tool.

3. How To buy large quantities of A6 notebooks at a low price

Buying your A6 notebooks in large quantities helps conserve costs because, most of the time, it comes with a discount offer. If you’re looking for how or where to buy quality A6 notebooks at a cheap price, probably to resell, or you’re getting them for yourself, family members, colleagues, or anniversaries, Honeyoung books got you covered.

Staff Of Honeyoung Paper Department
Staff Of Honeyoung Paper Department

Honeyoung Books

Anhui Honeyoung Enterprise is an extensive, multi-business, industry, and trade-integrated company primarily committed to foreign trade manufacturing and exporting.

Honeyoung specializes in manufacturing and shipping assorted notebooks like soft cover notebooks, spiral notebooks, leather notebooks, hardcover notebooks, french notebooks, and composition notebooks.

With their 20+ years of expertise, Honeyoung’s experienced team will design, manufacture and publish your notebooks based on your conditions.

4. How to custom A6 notebook?

If you plan to design your custom A6 notebooks, here are steps to your DIY notebooks.

You could make do with an X-Acto, PVA glue, and a stapler. Select your preferred cover material.

  • Trim the bristol board (1) and the graph paper (10, 12) to a size of 7 by 5.5 inches using the paper cutter.
  • Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the bristol board.
  • Third, evenly distribute the glue and cover the whole surface.
  • Fourth, place the bristol over the cover material to smooth down any bumps.
  • Figure out the 3.5-inch-in locations for the tacks. Using a ruler as a reference point is useful when adjusting a stapler.
  • A staple at least three times along the center.
  • Puncture each corner with a sharp object to remove them and number them.
  • To make the book more durable for extended periods spent in a bag, round the corners. Although it is not required, starting the middle fold with a straight edge is preferable.

Now you have a notepad.

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5. Frequently asked questions about the A6 notebook

Here are some questions people often ask.

5.1 Is The A6 notebook half of the A5 notebook?

Yes. The A6 notebook is half the size of the A5. It is mostly obtained in card patterns instead of paper and possesses the length of several proposal cards.

A5= 2 A6
A5= 2 A6

5.2 What is A6 paper size used for?

It is normally used for foldable printouts like cards, pamphlets, proposals, advertising, etc. Also, it’s a prominent size for postcards. If you like writing messages at conferences using something smaller than legal or letter size, then an A6 notebook is a nice bet.

A6 Paper Size
A6 Paper Size

5.3 Is an A6 notebook of legal-size paper?

No. Legal size paper is 8.5 x 14.0 inches (216 x 356 mm). A4 size paper is 8.3 x 11.7 inches (210 x 297 mm) and is the closest.

A6 Size And Legal Size
A6 Size And Legal Size


I believe that in this article, you have gotten the relevant information you need about the A6 notebook. The A6 notebook is lightweight and is nice for taking seminar notes, planning your day-to-day assignment, and keeping track of your meetings.

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I'm Julia, the CEO of Honeyoung. I run a company of over 300 people that manufactures, sells, and exports notebooks.

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