Top 8 Notebook Manufacturers In India

Top 8 Notebook Manufacturers In India

There are a number of notebook manufacturers in India, but the top eight are the most well-known and popular. These companies produce high-quality notebooks that are perfect for students, professionals, and anyone else who needs to take notes on the go. This article will tell you what notebook manufacturers there are in India, and we have listed the eight best of them.

Why the number of notebook factories in India is growing

The Notebook Factories In India
The Notebook Factories In India

1. Compared with previous years, India’s literacy rate has continuously improved.

2. More and more students have access to educational facilities through different government plans and community awareness.

3. Compared with previous years, India’s living standard has improved. So students need better stationery.

4. People pay more attention to education, so they begin to spend more money on education.

5. India has a large population, with a total number of students of about 315 million, and has a broad market.

6. New colleges and schools are also developing, with more demand for literature.

Advantages of the notebook manufacturers in India

1. India has low manufacturing costs and cheap labor.

2. India has a good geographical location, a long coastline, and many ports, which are convenient for export transportation.

Disadvantages of the notebook manufacturers in India

1. India’s domestic raw material supply is not complete, and the factory needs to import raw materials during production, leading to increased costs.

2. The infrastructure construction in many cities in India is not perfect, and water and electricity are often not supplied normally, which affects the production progress of factories.

3. The road construction in India is not perfect, and most roads are poor and difficult to pass.

4. The laws and regulations of India are complex and bureaucratic, so most Indian enterprises are forced to maintain a small scale.

5. The low level of education makes enterprise workers lack the discipline required by the manufacturing industry. Unable to arrive on time and work overtime according to the production needs of the enterprise, which often delays the construction period.

Top 8 notebook manufacturers in India

1. Vijayshri

Vijayshri Logo
Vijayshri Logo

In the past 30 years, Vijayshri Group, founded by Jain Family, has grown continuously and moved several times. From stationery trade to one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of exercise books, the company has set foot in various other vertical businesses. They never stop innovating to meet the growing market demand. Their dedication and enthusiasm for providing the best products have driven their company step by step towards a better future.

Today, Vijayshri Notebooks Pvt. Ltd. has more than 600 products. It has a strong network of dealers and distributors and sells more than 50 million notebooks every year. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

They design, manufacture and sell paper stationery products for students of all ages, such as exercise notebooks, long books, note pads, scratch books, drawing books, graph books, etc. They also provide office supplies, enterprise stationery products, printing, writing, packaging paper, and other products.

Vijayshri Products
Vijayshri Products

Products Types: notebooks、drawing、graph、scrap、office stationary products、practical notebooks、rough notebooks、registers

Address: 28B-29 Laxmibai Nagar Industrial Estate, Indore 452006

MOQ: Depends on the specific product style

2. Ellora

Ellora Logo
Ellora Logo

Ellora stationery private limited was founded in 2011, with its headquarters in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu.

They provide customers with a full range of printing, imaging, and output services. Their goal is to make a difference and provide customers with high-quality products, excellent design, and reliable services.

Ellora provides book-binding services for various stationery products, including diaries, school notebooks, calendars, and notebooks. Their customers can choose from unique cover materials, colors, and designs. They undertake customized services.

Ellora also provides printing services in order to bring customers innovative concepts and excellent convenience. They have the ability to print on any type of paper product. They can help from initial consultation to project management, design, printing, and distribution.

Ellora follows high-quality standards at every step and only uses environmentally friendly raw materials. Their clients include educational institutions, publications, enterprises, associations, government agencies, and banks. Their products and services are available for international and domestic markets. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

Products Types: note books、diaries、calendars、book printing、office supplies、customized menu card、customized printing

Address: 3/1327-23, Arun Thilak Complex, Sattur Road, Sivakasi – 626189, Tamil Nadu, India

MOQ: Depends on the specific product style

3. Ashok

Ashok Logo
Ashok Logo

Ashok Notebooks, founded in 1910, has been engaged in the paper trade. They began to manufacture notebooks in 1992 and provide services for some large domestic companies. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

The company started making notebooks under the brand name Ashok Notebooks. They produce office products and Scribe, for student notebooks. They have the most advanced machinery and highly skilled labor force and are famous for providing products that exceed industry standards. Their products are carefully manufactured and strictly inspected to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Products Types: short size notebooks、pads、spiral & wire-o notebooks、record notebooks、jumbo size notebooks、accounts register

Address: No 70 & 71 ChinnaTirupathy Main Road, Near Jairam College, Salem-636 008.

MOQ: Depends on the specific product style



Vishwas Notebook MFG, founded in 1990, is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India. They produce various notebooks, including drawing books, kids’ writing notebooks, composition books, softcover books, hardcover books, multi-subject notebooks, practical books, collection books, and registers.

VISHWAS provides high-quality products and continuously improves. They strive to cultivate advanced production technology and carry out cost-effective notebook production to meet customer needs. They are committed to the precise integration of creativity and effective technology to create a notebook with smooth textured paper and clear printing.

Vishwas is a customer-centric organization that promises low prices without compromising quality. Their notebook series are made in strict accordance with national standards. They work with professional teams to maintain a harmonious working environment and respect the culture of effective values.

Products Types: drawing book、kids drawing book、composition book、soft cover notebook、hard cover book、multi-subject notebook、fullscape ex-notebook、rojmel、practical book、collection book、duplicate book、register

Address: Plot No-409, 55-64 Balaji Estate, Nr. Budhalal Tamaki, B/H Mony Hotel, Isanpur, Ahmedabad – 382443, Gujarat, India

MOQ: 1000 Box(Depends on the specific product style)


Bind Well Logo
Bind Well Logo

Bind Well, founded in 1993, is a prestigious company. The company has set many benchmarks in the industry by providing various stationery supplies. The company is headquartered in Delhi. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

Since its inception, the company’s main goal has always been to provide customers with the most innovative customized solutions through its product line. They have a broad customer base in the market. Their product range includes Books Manufacturing, Paper Note Papers, Perfect Bound School Notebook Customized, Paper Diary, etc. Their consistently excellent service has won great recognition in education, enterprises, and other fields.

Since its establishment for many years, the company has had rich industry knowledge and experience and has upgraded the production, quality, and working methods of the company’s products. To meet the expectations of customers, they have improved the quality of the goods they provide, and continue to improve.

Products Types: note books、paper notepad、school diaries、school notebook、home task diary、paper diary、biography、customized notebooks、customized calendars、executive diaries、paper envelops、memo diaries、notebook covers、business card、printing service

Address: Plot No. C-234, C-Block, Sector-4, Bawana, Delhi – 110039, India

MOQ:1000 Pieces(Depends on the specific product style)

6. Roja

Roja Logo
Roja Logo

Roja Note Book Company Private Limited was established in 2009. The company has been employed as a manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and wholesaler of notebooks for many schools and colleges. Their product range includes Long Notebooks, School Notes Books, and Note Books. These products have beautiful covers, excellent design, and a comfortable feel and are favored by customers.

The experts of the company are selected through a strict selection process conducted by human resources professionals. Their designers and craftsmen use advanced production tools and accessories to design the products they provide. The company has excellent modern infrastructure and a well-trained team of craftsmen so that they can meet customer expectations in terms of quantity and quality.

The company undertakes notebook customization for various organizations, institutions, companies, etc. They use their expertise to provide customized stationery products to customers at industry-leading prices in a timely manner.

They strictly control the methods and materials used in the implementation of production tasks and design so as to produce products that meet the requirements. Their products have been exported to African countries, including Tanzania and Ghana. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

Roja Product-1
Roja Product-1
Roja Product-2
Roja Product-2

Products Types: notebook 、exercise notebook long note book、practical record、 notebook 、scribble pads、memo pads、conference pads、spiral note books、subject notebooks 、composition notebooks.、hard bound case bound notebooks

Address: No. 5, Navette Nadar Street, Sivakasi- 626 189, Tamil Nadu, India

MOQ: 100 Pieces(Depends on the specific product style)

7. Sain Stationery Mart

Sain Stationery Mart Logo
Sain Stationery Mart Logo

Sain Stationery Mart, founded in 1958, is one of the well-known high-quality notebook manufacturers in India. They provide enterprises, offices, and elite users with expertise in New Year Diaries, Premium Notebooks, And Telephone Indexes.

Since its establishment, Creation, Innovation, and Commitment has always been the goal of the company. Mr. Kuldeep Jain, as the owner of the company, under his leadership, the company has made continuous innovations in business. The company keeps abreast of the latest trends, makes better diaries with affordable prices and the best quality, and improves brand awareness worldwide. They have a large number of customers and are growing rapidly every year.

The company has the perfect infrastructure to provide high-quality products. The machines they use include Heidelberg Press, Polygraph Sewing, Machine, an Automatic cutting Machine, a complete binding unit, and other machines Their products use the highest quality paper, ink, and binding materials to ensure good durability and customer satisfaction.

Sain Stationery Mart Products
Sain Stationery Mart Products

Products Types: corporate diaries、engineering diaries、new year diaries、revista notebook

Address: B-24, Patparganj Industrial Area, New Delhi – 110092 India.

MOQ: Depends on the specific product style

8. Vardhman Industries

Vardhman Industries Logo
Vardhman Industries Logo

Vardhan Industries has been established for over 40 years, with hundreds of products and a strong distribution network composed of more than 500 dealers and distributors. The company is one of the outstanding notebook manufacturers in India.

The company’s goal is to make education easier by providing the best quality paper products at affordable prices. Their dedication and enthusiasm for providing the best products have encouraged them to explore new areas.

The company adheres to a responsible approach to ensure the sustainability of natural resources. They are committed to high-standard environmental practices, implement the 65 plan for the factory, and pass ISO 14001 Certification.

The company designs, manufacture, and sells paper stationery products for students of all ages. The product range includes exercise notebooks, long books, note pads, scratch books, drawing books, and graph books. They also provide stationery products, printing, writing, and wrapping paper for enterprises

All products of the company have several new designs and patterns for customers to choose from. They have a team of experts who track the latest trends and designs in the market and then integrate them into the products they manufacture.

The company purchases raw materials from reliable and trustworthy suppliers to provide customers with the best quality products. During transportation, ensure that the finished products can be delivered safely within the specified time. This is why they are considered one of the best suppliers in the market.

Products Types: convent notebook, long notebook, hardbound registers, drawing copy, practical notebook, punch paper, a4 registers, exam soft answer copy, test copy, clipboard, slip pads, duplicate books, account register, spiral binding register, soft bounding book

Address: Plot No.- 3, Mohkampur, Phase II- Delhi Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India – 250002

MOQ: Depends on the specific product style


The above is Honeyoung notebook factory‘s compilation of the top 8 notebook manufacturers in India, hope it can help you. If you still have questions or want to know our prices to compare them, we welcome you to contact us anytime.

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