Everything You Need to Know about Waterproof Notebook

Everything You Need to Know about Waterproof Notebooks

Oh boy! You were careless and allowed some water into your notebook, and now all of your essential notes are ruined. What a shame it is. Or suppose you are on a hike, and your belongings get blustered by mud. What would you do in that case? What you need is a waterproof notebook!

Certain waterproof notebooks are immune to these circumstances and will remain intact to overcome this issue. These waterproof books are quite handy, yet not many people know about them.

In this article, we will take a closer look into waterproof notebooks, what they are, and how you can use them, along with our picks of the best waterproof notebook. So read below and find out!

1. What Is A Waterproof Notebook

A waterproof notebook, as its name, suggests a notebook immune to water. Suppose you splash some water on the book the notebook won’t collapse like regular notebooks. Your scribbles and notes will be protected even if they get a little water on them if you invest in a waterproof notebook in the future, which is something you should consider doing.

To say that they will be alright even if you take them along for a swim in the river would be an exaggeration that is not grounded in reality and would be misleading. These notebooks are useful for defending against light to moderate volumes of water, but they are not effective against heavy downpours.

In addition, the leather notebook can also resist a little splash of water.

A Waterproof Notebook
A Waterproof Notebook

2. Advantages of Using A Waterproof Notebook

WaterproofIt should go without saying, but waterproof notebooks are impervious to water and can maintain their form even after being dampened or splashed with it. Because the pages and cover of the notebook are coated with a hydrophobic layer, the contents of the pages will not bleed into the surrounding area, spread out, or rip off when exposed to liquid.
Resistant to StainsBecause the information written in waterproof notebooks is resistant to stains, even if you are a clumsy person, you won’t lose the information you have written in these notebooks even if you spill something on them.
Fade ResistantBecause the material utilized to make these notebooks is hydrophobic, it prevents water from getting inside of them and being soaked and deflects the water away from the interior. Because of this, the information written in the book is entirely secure, and the ink will not disappear, no matter how hard you try to read it. This holds even if the book is subjected to a steady water flow.
VersatilityWaterproof notebooks can be used in a variety of settings, including outdoors, in wet environments, or in humid climates. They can also be used by professionals such as field researchers, scientists, and military personnel who work in extreme conditions.
DurabilityWaterproof notebooks are made with materials that are highly resistant to water and moisture, which makes them more durable than regular paper notebooks. They can withstand exposure to rain, humidity, and accidental spills without becoming damaged or unusable. Because the hydrophobic component creates a barrier that prevents the ink from escaping between the layer and the pages, the information written in the notebook will not be lost.

3. Use the Scenario of a Waterproof Notebook

3.1 Maps

Waterproof Notebook With Maps
Waterproof Notebook With Maps

Suppose you are hiking and keeping track of where you have been in your notebook. Suppose the notebook fell in some water and all the useful information that might be used for direction is lost. What will you do? Well, you must go waterproof if you are going anywhere, which screams adventure because you might not know when you will need this waterproof notebook.

3.2 Fields And Forests

Waterproof Notebook In Fields And Forests
Waterproof Notebook In Fields And Forests

Forests are moist and full of dirt and can cause major damage to your regular notebooks. So we suggest you use a waterproof notebook in that case because it won’t allow the crucial information to fade away.

3.3 Underwater

Waterproof Notebook Underwater
Waterproof Notebook Underwater

The best use of waterproof notebooks is underwater. If you are a diver and frequently visit the sea, you better invest in a waterproof notebook because it might come in handy!

3.4 Restaurants

Waterproof Notebook In Restaurants
Waterproof Notebook In Restaurants

Waterproof catalogs are ideal for restaurants that want to keep menus and other important information clean and dry. These catalogs are made of durable, water-resistant materials that can withstand the erosion of beverages, food, or wine because they are easy to wipe clean.

In addition, they are also a good way to show your menu items and promote your brand, making your restaurant look cleaner and tidy.

4. Precautions for Use of Waterproof Notebook

4.1 Using A Pencil

The best writing instrument for waterproof paper when writing when wet is a regular pencil with a firm lead. It is incredibly efficient and easy to write while wet with little to no smearing. When writing on waterproof paper when dry and instantly immersing it in water, a pencil could do so with clarity and without fading or smearing the lines.


4.2 Using A Pen

One of the most frequent writing instruments in a home is the standard ballpoint pen. You can write and write clearly when using damp waterproof paper. There is a slight chance of some smearing, but this is quite unlikely and only happens if you write quickly.


4.3 Using A Sharpie

With a sharpie, writing is doable but not optimal. While you can write on wet paper with waterproof paper because most water rolls off it, the sharpie color won’t be as vibrant and will probably fade. The Sharpie will completely smear, and the writing will not be readable when written directly on a drop of water that has not yet rolled off the paper. It could perhaps harm the Sharpie itself as well.


5. 6 Brands And Their Products

5.1 Rite In The Rain

Rite In The Rain
Rite In The Rain

Rite in the rain is one of those brands that everyone knows about but does not try. Rite in the rain is one of the most reliable brands for waterproof and weatherproof notebooks and other items. The material quality is top-notch.

The All-Weather Notebook

The Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook is an excellent option for you to go with if you are interested in purchasing something small and portable. People who take notes and occasionally need to scribble will find that this item suits their needs. It consists of 64 pages that are all bound together using spiral rings.

Pros Cons
High-quality material Might be too small for some people
Comes in many colors  
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
3.2 ouncesPlastic4.625×7 inches

5.2 Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes
Aqua Notes

Aqua notes, as its name suggests, has been a company producing weatherproof and waterproof notebooks and other stationery items for a long time. Aqua notes are so popular that they have also been featured in some movies!

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

This top-spiral notepad fits in your pocket and can withstand Mother Nature’s wrath. This pocket notebook withstands rain, sweat, muck, snow, oil, and grease. Aqua Notes waterproof paper is very durable and can be used underwater.

This notebook is very suitable for use in the bathroom. It has a suction cup on the back and can be adsorbed on the wall of the bathroom. It can help you capture good ideas in the shower. In addition, it can be used to enjoy interesting graffiti, make to-do lists, and leave interesting information or artwork for your family.

Extremely lightweightOnly available in one color
It can adsorb smooth surfaces and fix position It may fall if it is not fixed properly
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
0.63 ouncesNo3.5×5.25 inches

5.3 Field Notes

Field Notes
Field Notes

Field Notes creates and distributes notebooks with a distinct approach, regularly releasing limited editions emphasizing various design and manufacturing techniques. They have been in the notebook manufacturing business for almost a century and are one of the most dependable manufacturers on this list!

Field Notes Expedition All Weather Notebook

Rain, humidity, mud puddles, or fish slime have made your pupils’ field notes wet, soggy, and illegible. This compact, lightweight field notebook is expressly intended for collecting vital field data in extreme wet weather situations, so your problem is solved.

The bound notebook has proprietary all-weather writing paper with a waterproof covering. Paper may be submerged for extended periods without losing its stiffness or writing ability. It has a weather-resistant yellow cover and 48 numbered pages and may be used with any normal pencil or ball-point pen.

Pros Cons
Indestructible Low ink absorption
Comes in a dotted graph page 
Vibrant which makes it easy to spot
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
2.3 ouncesSynthetic paper3.5×5.5 inches

5.4 JayJays


JayJays is one of those brands with the best waterproof notebooks and notepad collections. JayJays produce various items, from tactical clothing and load carriages to military-grade equipment and stationery. If you are going to buy from JayJays, then we assure you that you are making the right choice!

Modestone Waterproof Notepad

JayJays Notebook
JayJays Notebook

Regardless of the weather, this notepad from JayJays is perfect for documenting your observations because it is waterproof. The paper can be utilized in moist and humid environments such as pools and forests, underwater, and when wet outside.

When you combine a watertight notebook with a pen that can be used in any condition, you will have a dependable combo that can be used successfully in any environment. The notepad has a specific characteristic that can be used to make your military conversion charts.

Pros Cons
Made from military-grade elements Only available in one color
Does not wear or tear easily 
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
2.3 ouncesStone paper3×5 inches

5.5 Rothco


Rothco is the most trusted provider of items for the military, as well as for survival and the outdoors. Rothco is a family-owned and operated company that was established in 1953.

For more than 60 years, they have supplied military clothing and outdoor shop items of the highest quality and the finest service available anywhere in the world. As of now, Rothco works with over 10,000 dealers all over the world. Even though Rothco’s history is based on the production of genuine military clothing and equipment for Army and Navy merchants all over the world

Rothco All Weather Notebook


The all-weather waterproof 3″ X 5″ spiral-bound travel notebook that Rothco offers is equipped with 48 sheets of weatherproof paper and a waterproof PVC cover. Because it is made to keep the ink even when it is wet, you won’t lose your notes even if the weather is quite severe. The notebook is excellent for the military, survival, law enforcement, and first responders.

Pros Cons
Strong spiral bounding Expensive
Available in 2 different colors 
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
2.00 ouncesPVC cover3×5 inches

5.6 Gloryfire


Gloryfire is a specialized company with more than 20 years of experience producing military supplies, police equipment, and tactical gear. Therefore, you should only anticipate quality and nothing but quality from them if you choose to get any kind of stationery from them.

GLORYFIRE Waterproof Notebook

This notebook features a grid-like pattern allowing the greatest amount of freedom to be printed on each page. Produced using premium quality wood pulp renders it oil-proof, watertight, and long-lasting.

It is designed with a material that is resistant to impact, preventing it from losing shape when placed in a pack or back pocket. The notebook is easy to carry around and serves its purpose!

Pros Cons
Made from military-grade elements A bit Expensive
100% Recyclable 
Comes in a pack of 5 
Product Details
Product WeightCover TypeSize
3.04 ouncesPlastic PVC3×5 inches

6. Whether The Waterproof Notebook Is Recyclable?

Whether The Waterproof Notebook Is Recyclable
Whether The Waterproof Notebook Is Recyclable

Most synthetic waterproof paper, in contrast to traditional paper, does not take in water or other forms of moisture. It can maintain its tensile strength and structural integrity even when water submerges. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to damage, which makes it suitable for use by a wide variety of people.

Waterproof notebooks are reusable and can be used multiple times, which reduces the need for disposable paper notebooks. This makes them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper notebooks.

If you want to know more about recyclable notebooks, please click here: recycled paper notebooks.


Now you are fully informed on everything there is to know about waterproof notebooks. These are some of the waterproof notebooks that came highly suggested by our team. However, you have another option, which is to come to Honeyoung for customization. As a professional notebook manufacturer, Honeyoung can provide you with various types of notebooks, which can be customized according to your needs.

It is best to be ready for anything, especially when working in a moist or rainy environment. Using these notebooks won’t have to stress about your notes getting smudged or jumbled up. Whether cloudy and windy outside or dry and sunny, you will have no trouble concentrating on what you are writing and can do it in comfort.

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