Toy Factory Unexpectedly Closed Down, Foreign Client Has No Way To Appeal

A foreign client placed an order with Huaxing Toy Factory for a batch of toys and paid a deposit of USD 9000 . When the delivery date was about to come, this foreign client tried to contact Huaxing Toy, however surpisingly found Huaxing Toy was already closed down. The client could get neither his goods in time, nor his money back. His was very anxious. He wished he could claim back his deposit so as to minimize his loss. But he further found that there was no way for him to make appeals.Because:

He could not get in touch with any salespersons and/or management staff of Huaxing Toy;

If he would like to claim back his deposit by international law suits. Extra costs such as costs of proceedings, lawyers shall occur. And It was time-costing.

We can easily get the reason why the client suffered irredeemable loss from this case. The reason was the client didn’t choose his suppliers carefully and prudentially. As a small factory with a history of less than five years, Huaxing Toy had no excellent management capacity and had no professional salespersons either. Therefore, no one was responsible for the client when the factory was closed down suddenly.

We kindly advice that foreign clients do choose factories with long history, especially with a history of more than 10 years, when they choose their suppliers.The reasons are : 1 . A factory, which has a long history, is strong and powerful itself. So it can stand the fierce competition, and it is impossible to close down unexpectedly; 2. Reputation is treasured by a factory with a long history . If anythings happen, accountability shall be taken;3. A stable and professional salesperson team is established in a factory with a long history. They provide all-round service to their clients;4. Expertised technicians are in charge of quality control in a factory with a long history. Production efficiency can be managed;5. Rich experiences are accumulated in a factory with a long history. All the different requirements on quality and specifications for clients from the different parts of the world are known well. So client can save more.

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