Top 7 Notebook Manufacturers In South Africa

Top 7 Notebook Manufacturers In South Africa

There are several notebook manufacturers in South Africa, but only a few of them are worth considering if you’re looking for quality products. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 7 notebook manufacturers in South Africa, and we’ll also discuss some of the things you should consider when choosing a notebook. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Future outlook of notebook manufacturing in South Africa

The paper notebook manufacturing industry in South Africa is expected to continue growing in the coming years, driven by factors such as the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products, as well as the popularity of traditional stationery items among certain consumer groups.

There is growing consumer awareness of the environmental impact of paper production, and many customers are seeking out products that are made using sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
As a result, notebook manufacturers in South Africa are increasingly adopting sustainable materials and production methods, which is likely to boost demand for their products in the future.

Additionally, the prevalence of e-commerce and online shopping is expected to increase access to South African notebook products for customers around the world.

E-commerce And Online Shopping
E-commerce And Online Shopping

Top 7 Notebook Manufacturers In South Africa

Paper notebook manufacturing is a thriving industry in South Africa, with several companies producing a wide range of notebooks for various purposes. Many of these companies use sustainable materials and production processes, which is increasingly important to environmentally conscious consumers.

1. The Papery

The Papery Logo
The Papery Logo

The Paper Company, jointly owned by Howard and Alison Deary, is an online stationery store they founded together. Customers can choose the products they want from a variety of products with exquisite design and excellent quality.

The company constantly develops and manufactures its products. It is a South African-based enterprise that designs and creates high-quality stationery. Local manufacturing means they are supporting other small businesses and helping create jobs.

Their brands include Scribblz notebooks, notepads and journals, MOM Diary, WOW Diary, the MultiPlanners, Mauritius Executive Planner, and Paper&Paperjam full range of Classic hardcover, Flexi softcover, and Designer cover journals

The company has worked in the journal, notebook, and journal industries for many years, and has relevant experience in design, marketing, and online sales. They are proud to produce high-quality products while ensuring that the paper meets the world ISO standards in terms of environmental requirements.

They focus on world trends, and the company’s products are usually the leaders in the local industry in terms of materials, styles, and colors.

The Papery Product
The Papery Product

Products Types: diaries, planners, journals, pen, pencil, memo pad, greeting cards

Address:2 Dominica Avenue, Capri Village, Cape Town

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

2. SG Distributors

SG Distributors Logo
SG Distributors Logo

SG Distributors, founded in 2008, produces for many international publishers. The book covers a series of topics such as art, architecture, interior design, graphic design, novels, history, philosophy, science, mathematics, and hobbies. In addition, the company also has a wide range of gifts related to books, such as notebooks, book lamps, bookmarks, reading glasses, bookcases, etc.

The company sells a range of high-quality stationery, including Journals, Greeting Cards, Diaries, and Calendars.

SG Distributors is a South African distributor of Moleskine series notebooks and accessories. The Moleskine notebook is the successor of the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers in the past two centuries. These include Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin.

Today, Moleskine series products are very suitable for people to use in daily life and travel, which can stimulate imagination and carry out creative practice. The product range includes notebooks, journals, bags, Luggage, apps, writing instruments, and reading accessories. These products complement each other in form and function and become an indispensable part of our daily life.

They constantly update their product series to ensure that the products keep pace with the times and provide customers with novel books and gifts.

SG Distributors Product
SG Distributors Product

Products Types: notebooks, diaries, journals, greeting cards, calendars

Address: Unit 1, Sandton Commercial Village, Cnr. 7th Avenue & 15th Street, Eastgate Ext 18, Johannesburg, South Africa,2148

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

3. Inspirit

Inspirit Logo
Inspirit Logo

Inspirit was founded in 1999. It is one of the excellent notebook manufacturers in South Africa.

Inspirit has its trademark and product brand and is always at the forefront of product development and innovation. They produce quality products for business and retail customers. They constantly create new original products and have excellent product concepts and brands. They also provide customized manufacturing, which can customize products according to customer specifications. They have the perfect infrastructure, and efficient production and operation capabilities to ensure the production of high-quality products.

The company creates unique notebook concepts and designs for global corporate brands. They design, create and manufacture unique notebooks and diary series with their exclusive brand. Every book they produce has a quality seal on the cover. The brand has a perfect quality control process, and the products have quality assurance. Their brands are recognized by customers for their value, quality, and reliability.

Products Types: eco diaries, eco notebooks, custom eco notebooks, eco journals, eco notebook gift sets

Address:33 Kyalami Boulevard, Kyalami Business Park, Johannesburg, Gauteng 1684

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

4. CTP Stationery

CTP Stationery Logo
CTP Stationery Logo

CTP Stationery was founded in 1980 and is wholly owned by Caxton and CTP Publishing Group. It is one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers of high-quality stationery products. Now it has been considered one of the most influential companies in the local print media industry.

Most of the company’s stationery products are produced by the local factory in Cape Town, and a small part of the products are imported.

They have the lifelong manufacturing right of the Austrian brand Donau in South Africa, such as polypropylene and board lever arch files and ring binders.

Since its establishment, the company has produced Flip File display books locally. This is South Africa’s signature original plastic pocket folder. Today, they continue to expand this popular series of product styles, producing various sturdy, not easy-to-tear pocket folders. They also produce a range of other customized stationery products, which are sold through retail stationery stores, wholesale stationery stores, and all chain stores in South Africa and neighboring states.

Products Types: diaries, journals, scholastic books and labels, specialist art and craft paper

Address:1 Blumberg Street, Industria West, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

5. Vista Africa Holdings

Vista Africa Holdings Logo
Vista Africa Holdings Logo

Vista Africa Holdings was founded in 1989 to produce high-quality notebooks for the African continent. They are one of the high-quality manufacturers, distributors, and traders in Africa.

The company is also one of the main sources of paper, stationery, and printing consumables, with subsidiaries in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, and Zambia.

They store a variety of high-quality paper, which comes from well-known suppliers in Asia, Europe, South Africa, North America, and South America. In their manufacturing plant in Lagos and Accra, they are equipped with first-class European machine production lines, which can produce high-quality international exercise books, stationery, and other academic and paper products. They are customer-centric and provide more and more affordable educational products.

They are currently one of the largest manufacturers of school and office stationery products in Africa, producing high-quality exercise books and notebooks for the African education sector.

At present, the company has employed more than 1000 African employees, who are technical assets in the fields of manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

Vista Africa Holdings aims to double its production capacity to create more jobs. They hope to play an active role in the positive growth of Africa and other communities. Vista Africa Holdings’ strategic business development positioning, expertise, infrastructure, and distribution capabilities make it an ideal partner for global manufacturers and brands.

Products Types: paper and paper board in sheets & reels, photocopy paper, envelopes, office & scholastic stationery

Address: Osolo Way, Opp Aswani Market, Oshodi-Isolo 100263, Lagos

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

6. Rbe Stationery Manufacturers (Pty) Limited

Rbe Logo
Rbe Logo

Rbe Stationery Manufacturers (Pty) Limited was founded in 1985 by Roger and Julia Bozzoli. This is a privately owned South African sole proprietorship that produces and distributes various paper products to meet commercial, personal, and educational needs. Their products can be found in most retail stationery stores.

Over the years, RBE has expanded its product range and started to produce various paper products. Most products are designed and packaged for retail consumption and have entered most stationery stores across the country.

At one time, all Rbe products were produced by external suppliers, and RBE was the brand holder and main distributor. In 1998, the company decided to invest in internal production and set up its production facilities in Strydom Park, Randburg. RBE was publishing a series of business books, cardboard, and envelopes with various color patterns.

The company’s goal is to conceive, design, manufacture, and distribute a range of high-quality printed and paper-related products. They support their products with excellent service and a good attitude. Their manufacturing capacity can provide customers with fast and reliable commercial printing services.

Products Types: spiral notebook, paper, board, envelopes, stationery, educational products, gifts, arts

Address: Physical. 14 Hoefyster Street c/o, Leader Ave, Stormill, Roodepoort, 1709

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

7. Pinetown Printers

Pinetown Printers Logo
Pinetown Printers Logo

Founded in 1969, Pinetown Printers provides printing and binding services. They have now developed into a large-scale and well-equipped full-service printing company. It is one of the excellent notebook manufacturers in South Africa.

 All their books are produced in their factories according to the same high standards. They have invested a lot of money in building their own business. The company provides one-stop printing, finishing, and packaging solutions.

The company has perfect equipment and excellent staff enough to run this equipment. Their goal is to produce simple, effective tools and fine prints. Process, equipment, and competitive pricing mean they can provide customers with any number of good books they need.

With their high-end lithographic printing presses and digital printing presses, no matter what kind of book solutions customers are looking for, they can meet customer needs. The company visits international printing, book, and packaging exhibitions every year to understand global trends and developments. They produce excellent prints for Southern Africa and provide local lithography, digital printing, and on-demand printing solutions for offshore customers.

Pinetown Printers Product
Pinetown Printers Product

Products Types: brochures, leaflets, books, magazines, notebooks, diaries

Address:16 Ivy Road, Pinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal,3600

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

Overall, the paper notebook manufacturing industry in South Africa is a competitive and diverse market that offers a wide range of products for consumers and businesses alike.


Paper notebooks may seem like a simple product, but they play an important role in many people’s lives. From students to professionals, artists to writers, paper notebooks provide a versatile and convenient way to record ideas, take notes, and express creativity.

Honeyoung is one of the top notebook manufacturers in China, and we can provide you with the best service possible. If you don’t get the answers you want from this article, please contact us today to find out more.

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