Top 3 Notebook Manufacturers In Ethiopia

Top 3 Notebook Manufacturers In Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country with a rich history of manual book production. The oldest illustrated Bible was first made in Ethiopia 1600 years ago. This article will introduce you to three notebook manufacturers in Ethiopia. Let’s have a look!

Yekatit-Notebook Manufacturers In Ethiopia
Yekatit-Notebook Manufacturers In Ethiopia

1. Felek

Felek Logo
Felek Logo

Felek notebooks are inspired by Ethiopia’s long history of producing handmade books. Drawing inspiration from this rich history, the company examined the different methods of making notebooks. On this basis, we try to design, manufacture and bind various types of covers. They continued to innovate, combining traditional handicrafts with modern environmental protection design, and finally established Felek.

Through Felek, buyers can not only explore the handicraft history of Ethiopia but also deeply understand many African cultures. Felek is an excellent brand, bringing African tradition into the contemporary era by reimagining and rebuilding Africa.

Felek can customize notebooks for individuals and companies. These notebooks can be used to tell the brand story and display the brand logo. They can be used to support people’s commemorations. According to the customer’s requirements, these notebooks can be customized for the company name or logo with screen printing, gold or silver aluminum foil printing, and leather embossing. The inside pages can also be customized to include dates, schedules, or any other specifications.

The traditional book-making process in Ethiopia includes elegant leather binding to clever cotton thread sewing. Felek values Ethiopia’s solemn craftsmanship and creativity. They hope to pass on the tradition and beauty of Ethiopian handicrafts through these notebooks.

Products Types: Leather cover notebook, plastic cover notebook, recycled paper cover notebook

Address: Summit, near Bole Lemi Industrial Park, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

2. KK Printing and Stationery

KK Printing
KK Printing

KK Printing and Stationery is a notebook company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company provides printing services and stationery materials for a variety of customers, including individuals, government and non-governmental organizations, and private for-profit companies.

KK provides all kinds of stationery, including ballpoint pens, fluorescent pens, marker pens, permanent marker pens, pencils, colored pencils, checkered paper, binding books, glue, tape, staplers and staples, rubber bands, paper clips, drawing pins, folder partition boards, hanging documents, scissors, calculators and other home and office stationery materials.

They also provide notebooks, textbooks, and paper products. They supply different specifications of envelopes, printing and copying paper, notebooks, paper, textbooks, art, and children’s story books.

Products Types: Notebooks, flyers, and brochures, business/visiting cards printing, catalogs and booklets, designs/printings on T-shirts

Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

3. Yekatit Paper Converting Plc

Yekatit Logo
Yekatit Logo

Yekatit Paper Converting Plc is one of the largest printing and paper processing companies in Ethiopia. The company provides high-quality paper products to meet Ethiopia’s growing demand for paper consumables, printing, and packaging.

Yekatit was first established by foreign private investors in 1958. After years of operation, the government dissolved in 1975 and was nationalized. According to the privatization policy of the current government, the enterprise was acquired by the current owner Gobezayehu Zerihun in 2010. Over the years, the current owner has been working hard to develop the company, bringing many breakthroughs and constantly enriching the company’s product categories.

Yekatit is not only reputable but also equipped with advanced technical equipment support and knowledgeable staff. They are committed to fully complying with regulatory requirements, internal policies, and quality standards to ensure that customers provide the highest quality products and services.

Products Types: Notebooks, exercise books, food containers, packaging boxes, labels, A4 copier paper

Address: Genji, Mebrathaile, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

MOQ: Determined according to the specific product style

By the way, there are very few notebook factories in Ethiopia at present. If you want to know about Chinese notebook manufacturers, you can click the following article.

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