Recycled Paper Notebooks The Most Comprehensive Guide

Cahiers en papier recyclé : Le guide le plus complet

Vous voulez à la fois réduire votre empreinte carbone et faire des économies ? Si c’est le cas, les carnets fabriqués à partir de papier recyclé sont une excellente option pour vous. Non seulement ils contribuent à la réduction des déchets dans l’environnement, mais ils sont également beaucoup plus rentables que les ordinateurs portables classiques.

The advantages of using notebooks made from recycled paper will be covered in this article, as well as some suggestions for purchasing the best-recycled paper notebooks now available.

1. Différences entre les carnets en papier recyclé et les carnets ordinaires

When we talk about notebooks, there are different variants, some are recycled, and some are not. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. In this section, we will be highlighting some of these differences:

1.1 Biodegradable


When we use paper that has been recycled, we prevent enormous volumes of paper trash from being dumped in landfills. This frees up room in the landfills, which results in a smaller amount of rubbish and a smaller amount of land that must be set aside for waste disposal.

1.2 Environment Protection

Protection de l'environnement
Protection de l’environnement

Making paper is always a demanding procedure. Paper that has been recycled must be collected and de-inked. Trees must be chopped and milled to produce virgin paper. Which further damages our environment. Because when we talk about a tree, it is a natural habitat for many living things.

1.3 Pas besoin de matières premières

Protéger les arbres
Protéger les arbres

This fact is a no-brainer because when we create recycled paper, we don’t have to use much or even no additional raw resources, which is always a plus. Currently, recycled paper is more expensive than conventional paper; the price difference varies by firm. Recycled paper supporters argue that the low cost of reusing paper currently equates to significant resource savings.

2. Comment fabriquer du papier recyclé en usine ?

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3. Pourquoi utiliser des cahiers en papier recyclé ?

People like recycled paper notebooks because they are environmentally friendly. To make a fresh piece of regular letter-sized paper, 17 trees and one glacier segment are required. Reusable notepads waste resources while providing us with what we require. Reusable notebooks could also be manufactured with post-consumer recycled paper, reducing the amount of virgin pulp required.

People buy reusable notebooks for this reason and because they are less expensive. There are many various types of paper available, and each type serves a certain purpose, so selecting one sort of paper over the other makes sense.

La principale distinction entre les carnets en papier ordinaires et les carnets recyclables est qu’ils sont conçus pour être réutilisés après leur première utilisation. Cela signifie que lorsque vous utilisez des livres en papier recyclable, vous n’avez pas à payer pour l’eau ou l’électricité et vous n’avez pas à utiliser votre imprimante aussi fréquemment.

4. The Use Of Recycled Paper Notebooks

Like any other notebook, recycled paper notebooks serve the same purpose. Here is a list of activities you can do on your recycled paper notebooks.

4.1 Take Notes

Cela ne vous empêche pas d’apprendre, même si vous n’êtes pas étudiant ! De nombreuses choses sont disponibles pour aider les gens à acquérir et à développer leurs connaissances ; pour ces nouvelles connaissances, vous aurez besoin d’un cahier de composition!

4.2 Esquisse et gribouillage

No matter how old you get doodling and sketching are always fun. If your artistic side frequently awakes you, then we suggest that you use a recycled paper notebook because it gives the aesthetic to your art that it deserves.

4.3 Gifting

Giving a notebook as a gift is always a hit at a party. We suggest you give this recycled paper notebook to someone who cares about the planet. They will appreciate the thought!

4.4 Custom Planners

By designing your layout, you can use a blank notebook as a planner. Whether it’s rows, columns, or simple to-do lists, the ability to entirely customize it is something that store-bought plans do not provide.

5. Cahiers en papier recyclé Recommandations sur le produit :

Recycled notebooks help the environment. They can be cheap and more ecological than notebooks created from raw materials. Here are 10 of the best-recycled paper notebooks:

5.1 PAPIER Carnet de notes recyclé

These Paperage notebooks have a lovely terracotta tone, and the pages and the cover are crafted from recycled materials of exceptionally high quality. This eco-friendly notebook is 5.7 inches by 8 inches in size and contains 160 ivory pages with lines drawn. Because it has a hardcover, you don’t need to be concerned about how it will fare when you pack it in a bag or when you’re moving.

The customer liked the hardcover features. Also, most customers liked the finish of the notebook and said that the notebook seemed like an ordinary notebook made from raw material. It doesn’t feel recycled at all.

5.2 Mintra Recycled Notebooks

Because they come in packs of three, these spiral journals are an excellent choice for students and dedicated journal keepers. The notebooks have interesting graphics on the covers and are manufactured from sustainable materials from start to finish, including paper made from biomasses and sugarcane waste. Their dimensions are 6.5 inches by 9.5 inches.

In the meantime, the brand manufactured the cover using reused Kraft board. Even the ink used on the cover is environmentally friendly because it is derived from vegetables. The notebook itself contains eighty pages and is lined throughout.

The customers liked the 3 different patterns that the notebook comes in. It gives the notebooks a much cleaner look. Additionally, the features loved by the customer were the spiral bind and the hardcovers. They make the notebook feel like a premium notebook.

5.3 Ecovita Lined Notebook

Ecovita strives to achieve a balance between and culture, and this philosophy permeates all of their goods. Their environmentally friendly notebooks are created with grass paper pulp on the cover and recyclable materials on the interior. When your notebook approaches the end of its useful life, you can return it to Earth.

The best part about these notebooks is that they come in a pack of ten and are durable, according to customers. So, grab yourself some and help save the planet!

5.4 Lemome Eco-Friendly Notebooks

This Lemome notebook prioritizes sustainability from its front to its pages. It has a cork covering, which is an organic, ecological material. Cork is velvety to the touch, like leather, but no animals are still injured.

De plus, il a un bel aspect terreux. Le papier à l’intérieur est sans acide et ne contient pas de substances fluorescentes ajoutées, ce qui signifie qu’il est meilleur pour vos yeux et a été créé avec moins de traitement. L’ordinateur portable mesure 8,4 par 5,7 pouces et est donc recyclable.

The customer liked the faux wood look it features on its cover, which makes it feel like something recyclable. But the fact that the notebook has such good quality is shocking to the customers.

5.5 Five Star Recycled Spiral Notebook

The Five Star 1 subject college-ruled notebook is an excellent solution for your notetaking and assignment requirements. The Five Star application allows you to scan, study, and organize notes. Make fast cards and synchronize your notes to your Gmail Account to view them on any device, anywhere.

1 subject notebook contains 100 double-sided university sheets divided for easy rip out and resist ink bleed. The most popular feature among customers was that the covers are waterproof, protecting your notes all year.

The spiral lock wire prevents snags on garments and backpacks, and the notebook is recyclable – remove the strengthening tape from the pocket and recycle the remainder.

5.6 Kaisa Steno Pad Notebook

Utilize the Kaisa Steno Pads Notebook 6″ x 9 to help maintain your thoughts’ order. These steno pads are ideal for making quick notes, organizing lists, and scribbling down reminders. However, there is not much to it. But we suggest you get these notepads because they will come in handy.

The customer’s reviews say the same, they were a bit skeptical about the notepad, but when they got the pad, they were now hooked, which is good because if you are a frequent user, it means that you are recycling and leaving little to no carbon footprint.

5.7 Kaisa 1 Subject Notebook

Journaling is made more enjoyable and tree-free with the help of Kaisa’s whimsical designs for school and office equipment. Bamboo, calcium, sugar cane, maize starch, cotton, fibers, and jute are some of the sustainable components utilized in producing this environmentally conscious journal brand. These materials are completely cruelty-free and can be broken down naturally.

The book’s binding is spiral, and the vibrantly colored cover is made of recyclable material. The only thing left for the customer to do is take off the spiral binding, and they will be ready.

5.8 Northbooks A5 Recyclable Notebook

If you’re searching for a notebook that helps the environment, consider this one from North books, which partners with Eden Projects to grow a tree after you purchase it. This notebook’s paper is responsibly sourced, and Forest Stewardship Council certified.

This notebook provides a lovely workspace with 144 silky green covers and white pages in a nice, basic style. The book comes with either bordered or blank sheets and is 5.2 by 8.2 inches, so it should fit in just about any bag or on your desk.

The fact that the company plants a tree with each notebook you buy gives a sense of accomplishment to the customers, which they like.

5.9 Carnet de notes de Roaring Spring

Roaring Spring crée des carnets respectueux de l’environnement à partir de divers matériaux naturels et recyclables. Les journaux et agendas en pierre sont fabriqués à l’aide d’un papier en pierre neutre en carbone, fabriqué à partir de calcaire recyclé. Chaque impression de Roaring Spring est réalisée avec de l’encre de soja non toxique provenant de sources éthiques.

Each journal has been given a certification and does not waste any water. They do not use any plastic in their packing or transportation. In addition, they do not include the use of wood pulp or chemicals in the production process. Consumers can recycle old journals or allow them to deteriorate naturally in landfills.

5.10 Northbooks Lined Journal Notebook

If you need a large quantity of outstanding recycled notebooks at once, consider purchasing this package from North books. Northbooks is an environmentally friendly firm that produces high-quality notebooks for creatives. They only use environmentally sourced materials, such as recycled paper, in their goods and donate a portion of their profits to reforestation efforts.

One of the reasons we recommend purchasing this eco-friendly notebook from North books is their relationship with Eden Projects. Every time you buy 5 books, you are planting a new tree. Isn’t that incredible?

Les carnets en papier recyclé sont-ils respectueux de l’environnement ?

Vous pouvez encore être perplexe à ce sujet, mais en tant que fabricant d’ordinateurs portables, Honeyoung vous assure que le papier recyclé et recyclable est beaucoup plus sûr pour l’environnement car il contribue au processus de production en utilisant moins d’arbres et de sève. Cela garantit la sécurité des arbres tout en étant écologiquement durable.


L’achat de carnets en papier recyclé est l’une des choses qui démontrent véritablement votre engagement à vivre de manière aussi durable que possible. C’est une petite dépense, mais elle démontre que vous êtes prêt à faire de petits changements quotidiens pour réduire votre impact carbone sur cette Terre. Alors, qu’est-ce que vous attendez ? ALLEZ-Y POUR LE VERT !

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