8 Tips On Making A Good Exercise Book

8 Tips On Making Good Exercise Book

How to judge the quality of exercise books is a problem that troubles many purchasers. As an experienced exercise book manufacturer, Honeyoung will take you on a tour of our factory to see how we check the quality.

In our factory, our quality control team performs a series of checks to ensure that each exercise book meets our standards. We are proud of our commitment to quality and strive to provide our customers with the best value.

exercise book
exercise book

1. Cover design of exercise book

The first step of making an exercise book is to design the book cover, after completing the cover by the design department, our staff will check the bar code, pages, logo printing, spelling, etc.

After setting up the layout of the printing, we still need to check them all over again. Check for missing content in the typesetting process, if not, the production can be started.

Exercise book design

2. Cover printing of exercise book

Before we start to print, we always check the settings again. More importantly, check the color when printing.

Currently, the four-color printing machine is manual ink-adding. The ratio of those ink will eventually affect the printing, this is where the color difference comes in. In the process of printing, we need to check the color difference between the draft and samples, and if possible, make sure there’s no color difference.

Cover Printing of exercise book

3. Inner page printing

The inner page is another important part of the exercise book, lots of problems often happen in this phase. Before making the inner pages, it also requires pattern making and being double checked. The checking items include sizes, line intervals, line quantities, page header, page footer, margin, etc.

After putting it into print, the following points need to be noted:

  • First, in the quality inspection, we need to check whether the printing color is consistent with the customer’s requirements.
  • Second, check the thickness of the lines, too thick or too thin will not work.
  • Next, check the proportionality and flatness of the lines, qualified book line printing is very proportional.
  • Finally, you need to carefully check whether there are broken lines that exist and if so, you need to change the printing plate.
Inner page printing of exercise book

if you want to know more, please click here: Notebook Inner Page: The Ultimate FAQ Guide.

4. Binding methods of exercise book

There are many kinds of binding methods, common ways are staple binding, glue binding, sewing binding, and spiral binding. No matter what it is, the most important thing is firmness, then its appearance. The staples should be straight in line, the seaming should be consistent.

5. Size of exercise book

The finished products are cut by cutting machines, sometimes the cutting machine is not well adjusted, which will render over-cutting. The book will be smaller. But if we cut less, there will be lines less than the edge. Therefore, in the production process, we must always pay attention to the size of the finished book.

Measuring size of notebook

6. Pages of exercise book

During production, the number of pages should be consistent with the amount on the cover. Qualified notebook factory will stick to the customer’s requirements. Lack of pages is strictly prohibited in our factory.

Usually, notebooks have commonly used page numbers, and when you customize, you need to consider:

  • target customer group
  • Budget
  • book size
  • Market demand
  • transportation

If you want to know more details, please click here: Notebook Page Numbers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide.

Pages of exercise book

7. Paper quality of exercise book

This part includes the quality of the cover and inner page. The options for the book cover are ivory board and coated paper with different grammage. For inner pages, we have offset paper, writing paper with different grades, and grammage. Good notebook manufacturers will produce the books according to customers’ requirements.

Paper quality inspection

8. Packaging of exercise book

Here comes the last step, Good packaging can protect your goods during long-time shipping. It is essential to ensure that suitable packaging materials are used to protect the product and to ensure that the exercise book arrives in perfect condition.

First, we divide those books into batches and wrap them up in shrink film. If workers misoperated, the film package may be broken, we’ll replace the package.

Packaging Of Exercise Book

Then we pack these books into cardboard boxes and put them neatly in the shipping container.

Shipping Notebooks

Another kind of packaging is an OPP bag, which is more suitable for notebooks with OPP covers because the shrink film wrapping machine uses heat to shrink the film, and that heat will damage the OPP cover.

As an experienced notebook manufacturer in China, we are dedicated to making good exercise books for customers all over the world. We believe quality control is the key to successful customer satisfaction. We have developed a comprehensive quality control system to ensure our exercise books meet the highest standards of quality.

At Honeyoung, we also strive to make sure our customers get the best price. Our team carefully checks each book to make sure it is priced competitively. We also compare our prices to other exercise book manufacturers in the industry to make sure we are offering our customers the best value.

If you want to know more about Chinese notebook factories, please click here: Top 18 Chinese Notebook Factories In 2023.

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